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  3. Hi all, My name is Martin (Marty) Duncan, currently I live in Richmond, Va with my wife and 5 Poodles (3 standards and 2 toys). I have 1 daughter and I am a new Papaw! I have been in respiratory, fire and EMS for 40 plus years and have seen a lot of changes. I have the next best job in the world other than flying, I get to play a Respiratory Therapist on an ambulance. I work for Bon Secours Mercy on the Critical Care Transport ambulance. I am a Critical Care Respiratory Therapist and a Paramedic with the FP-C certification. I also work part-time in 6 counties as a 911 paramedic/firefighte
  4. Consider this part one of a two part topic, "Working with others." Part 1 is about the flight crew member working with care givers outside of your agency. Being on a flight crew means you will be working with first responders, fire departments, law enforcement and hospital staff. How these people view you and your crew is the difference of, "That flight crew is AWESOME!" or, "That flight crew is a bunch of premadonnas!" You only get one chance of making this work, and first impressions are everything. Early in our flight crew, maybe the first year we started, we had a new nurse
  5. Merry Christmas to Flight Crew U Members!
  6. Merry Christmas to Flight Crew U!
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