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Hi all!

What a great video once again Troy! Lots of good information. 

I had been waffling between which exam to take first: the CCEMTP or the FPC. In listening to your video today, I am now convinced my gut feeling of taking the CCEMTP first is the correct one. The biggest thing that seems to hold me back is my lack of FT experience in a busy 911 system. I have worked for the past 5 1/2 years as a per diem medic in North Central PA. It is not for lack of wanting to work full time, its my manager who does not want to hire me full time (his reasoning is financially I cannot afford to take the pay cut...another story for another time). So I try to put as many hours as I can in per month as a medic. Some months I am busier than others.... While I may not have that 911 experience, I tend to spend the vast majority of my time working the ED in our hospital. I put together our monthly EMS continuing education program as well. So its not like I am not involved in one aspect or another. 

Thanks again for a great video! 

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