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Hi all,

My name is Martin (Marty) Duncan, currently I live in Richmond, Va with my wife and 5 Poodles (3 standards and 2 toys). I have 1 daughter and I am a new Papaw! I have been in respiratory, fire and EMS for 40 plus years and have seen a lot of changes. I have the next best job in the world other than flying, I get to play a Respiratory Therapist on an ambulance. I work for Bon Secours Mercy on the Critical Care Transport ambulance. I am a Critical Care Respiratory Therapist and a Paramedic with the FP-C certification. I also work part-time in 6 counties as a 911 paramedic/firefighter. On the CCT truck we transport neonatal, peds, adult and high risk OB pts. i would like to fly before I retire, but if it doesn't happen, I am still doing Critical Care. We love to fish either salt water or fresh water and I like to hunt and play golf (ride around and drink beer)!

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